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40k Kool-Aid Man Tournament

May 25

Location: Fabricator’s Forge Gaming Club

Date: May 25th 2023

Time: Start Date/Time: Registration 9am and round 1 starts at 10am.

Points: 2000

Rounds: 3 rounds at 3 hours per round

Entry: $20 and you will receive a voucher for discounted lunch as the Forge is now cooking food for events!

Prizes: Store credit and other swag

Ruleset: GT Packet 2023 (Ark of Omens) with all applicable FAQs.


Rules Packet (See which units qualify)

Kool-Aid Man 40k Tournament Rules

Kool Aid Man Tournament

This event is designed to give additional benefits to the following types of units: Dreadnoughts, Cavalry, Knights, Monsters, and vehicles with sufficient melee capabilities.

What the hell does this mean?

A Kool-Aid Man Unit (KAM) gain the **KOOL-AID MAN** Keyword and the following abilities

– At the end of your Command phase, if one or more **KOOL-AID MAN** units from your army are within range of an objective marker you 

control, that objective marker remains under your control, even if there are no models within range of it, unless your opponent controls it at the end of any subsequent phase.

– All units lose the Objective Secured (or similar) rule while they are within range of an objective marker that an enemy **KOOL-AID MAN** Unit is also within range of (Unless they are also a **KOOL-AID MAN** Unit).

– **KOOL-AID MAN** Units may move through Breachable terrain as if they were INFANTRY during the movement and charge phases. 

– **KOOL-AID MAN** Units that successfully complete a charge move and moved through at least one breachable terrain feature cannot lose the FIGHTS FIRST ability and is immune to any FIGHTS LAST ability until the end of the Fight Phase. Remember, tournaments at the Fabricator’s Forge utilize the WTC rules for charging through ruins and thus if a model finishes a charge move partially inside a wall feature you simply mark where it is and continue playing.

– **KOOL-AID MAN** models add +1 to their Weapon Skill and Attack characteristic for **EACH** separate terrain feature with the Breachable keyword they move through during a charge. Additionally, if they move through 2 or more such terrain features all of their melee attacks add +1 to their Damage and Armour Penetration characteristic. 

– If a **KOOL-AID MAN** destroys an enemy unit in the Fight Phase in the same turn in which it completed a charge move through a terrain feature with the breachable keyword then it gains the “Oh Yeah!” special rule as detailed below.

**Oh Yeah! Special Rule**: When this model gains this special rule you gain 1 Command Point, and it immediately regains 1 one lost wound and also regains 1 lost wound at the beginning of its own subsequent Command Phases. A model can only gain this rule once.

Army List Creation

This tournament uses the Arks of Omen mission packet with the additional rules

– An army must be lead by a **KOOL-AID MAN** Unit 

– **KOOL-AID MAN** Units that are also your WARLORD count as a Headquarters Unit (instead of their normal type).

– Your army list must consist of at least 500 points in **KOOL-AID MAN** Units

A Kool-Aid Man Unit may be your **WARLORD** regardless of restrictions and gains the **CHARACTER** keyword. It may be given a Relic & Warlord Trait regardless of restrictions that may prevent them from taking one normally.

What Qualifies as a **Kool-Aid Man Unit**?

Any unit with the **DREADNOUGHT** or **MONSTER** keywords that is **NOT** an Imperial Armour or Legends **TITANIC** unit (IE you can use Titanic models from Imperial Armor or Legends but they won’t get bonuses). **CAVALRY** units may move through walls like