The combat phase is extending into Full Scale warfare at today’s Warhammer 40K tournament! @gitgud40k 

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Bloomeburrow Preorders are live with only a month to go before release! Use member discount code for below prices but the slightly higher prices are available to anyone.

Member Prices
$216 Collector Box
$130 Play Box
$36 Commander Deck
$41 Bundle
$15 Starter Deck
$29 Prerelease Kit

Signup as a member for as little as $10 a month 
We are now producing 3D printed Warhammer props! 

Not only can we print you them but our staff can assemble + paint them for you too.

$250 for Bolter Unassembled
$350 Printed and Assembled
$500 Printed, Assembled and Painted

Email for more info
We did it! The serialized cards in Modern Horizons 3 are as rare as serialized sol rings at about 1 per 280 boxes. Compare that to Brothers War serialized cards at about 1 in 8 boxes. 

Huge hit

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We have the 3Gen acrylic paints from Ak Interactive now! 

Along with two other racks which have some all new diorama, pigments and weathering supplies. 
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